so much to see & do in phuket


There are many wonderful tours that you can take while in Phuket including our very own economical “Coolwater Day Trip”. These are just a few examples below. Just email us or ask the estate manager to arrange it for you at least one day ahead of time – earlier in peak season.

The island and boat tours listed below are not the least expensive options you can find. But they are among the best. Many guests have returned from cheaper tours complaining about the food and waiting for poorly scheduled boats.

Be sure to check out the Sunrise and Starlight tours. These excursions give you access to Phuket’s most beautiful sites when there are no large crowds to contend with.


Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Island Sunrise


James Bond Island

Phang Nga Sunrise

Phang Nga Sunrise

Coolwater Day Trip

Coolwater Day Trip


Phuket Fantasea

Hong by Starlight

Hong by Starlight

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