private bedroom with en-suite bath

Besides renting an entire villa, you can also rent a single bedroom. This is very similar to renting a hotel room.

All individual bedrooms at The Coolwater have a locking entrance that can be accessed directly from the outside. And all bedrooms have an individual en-suite bathroom that is not shared with other guests. You will enjoy complete privacy from others.

Renting a bedroom by itself also gives you access to the pool which may be shared with other guests in the villa that are occupying other bedrooms.

Because some of the villas will be rented out in their entirety, there is no option to select your individual room in advance, but we will do our best to give you the one you prefer.

If you need two twin beds instead of a king or queen bed, please let us know before arrival. Such rooms are subject to availability.

baan sopaa bedroom
baan sairung bedroom