Phuket is a big island with lots to see and do all over it. For the best possible experience here, you should rent a car and enjoy the freedom of movement to go anywhere anytime you want.

While The Coolwater is close to the beach, it is located up a steep hill that is probably not appropriate for young children and old people to traverse when returning to the villa. So there is that to think of.

cars and SUVs

You can find the most popular international car rental agencies at the arrivals section of Phuket International Airport. These include Hertz, Avis, Budget, National, and Enterprise. However I always recommend you reserve in advance, especially if you are travelling during peak season. Here are some estimates for car rentals…

Prices are per-day in Thai Baht

ModelNormal PriceHigh Season
Honda Jazz / Toyota Yaris9001200
Honda Citi / Toyota Vios9001200
Honda Civic12001500
Toyota Fortuner20002500

The rental agency will normally ask you to leave about 5000 baht with them for a damage deposit.


You can also rent a van with a driver. The van will fit 12 people tightly.

The price is 2700 baht for 8 hours. If you want to use the van for a longer period, each extra hour is 250 baht. The driver is not legally allowed to serve you longer than a total of 12 hours. Also, the driver is not obligated to accept your request for extra time, though he will probably do so. The driver may be too busy or otherwise not able to extend your trip. So if you know you need the van for longer than 8 hours, it is best to let us know in advance.

You should reserve the van at least 24 hours before you need it. During peak seasons, you should reserve as early as you possibly can.

During peak seasons, the van services regularly raise the prices for this service. 


If you prefer to just stay near the villa but still want some mobility, then you can also rent a scooter or motorbike such as Honda Click or Scoopy. These normally rent for 250 to 300 THB per day. When driving a scooter, please be aware that you will be sharing the road with other tourists, many of which are inexperienced motorbike drivers. Be wary of traffic. Legally, a motorbike license is required for driving in Thailand, but many if not most tourists ignore this requirement.

Do not under any circumstances allow the rental agency to keep your original passport. This also applies to renting jet skis or any other item. Insist that if they need your passport, they can photocopy it and return it to you. You can leave a cash deposit for the vehicle if they ask. If they require that you let them keep the original passport, you have to ask yourself what they plan to use it for. While it may be a bit extreme, I personally do not do business with anyone that even asks to keep my original passport.

service to the villa

Also, we can arrange a car or scooter for you. The agency will deliver the car to your villa and pick it up when you are done. However you must be at the villa to receive and return the car as you will be dealing directly with the rental agency.

using our scooter

The Coolwater has a single Honda Scoopy that you can rent for 250 THB per day if it is not already in use. It is the perfect choice if you plan to use taxis and vans with drivers, but want a simple solution to get to and from the local store to stock up on supplies.

more information

We have other articles and price lists for taxis, vans, and other transportation options. Click the button below to see them…

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