Just today, someone asked us to arrange a tour for them to the Phi Phi Islands. They wanted to go the next day and it was already 4PM in the afternoon. We tried a lot of options for them, but in the end, we were unable to accommodate them.

These boats leave at a specified time early in the morning and while there might be seats, they are usually closed for business by 5-6PM.

So it is best to book your tours at least 24 hours before the tour starts and better to book it before you arrive in Phuket.

Similarly, during peak seasons like Christmas/New Year, Chinese New Year, and other Asian holidays, it is best to book even earlier. This is especially true of renting cars and SUVs. If you wait until you arrive, there won’t be anything for you.

So please plan ahead. We are happy to help or arrange these items for you.

If you want to see a sample of the activities and tours available in Phuket, be sure to check out our “Tours” web page…


Pat Styles

I am director of The Coolwater Resort in Phuket, Thailand. However I spent most of my life as a software engineer working for a very large company in Redmond, Washington. Now I live with my wife in beautiful Chiang Mai near the mountains while still dabbling in the computer industry when I have the time.