chiang dao schoole

Delivering school supplies to Chiang Dao

Some of you may have noticed our page about helping the Hill Tribes. This is an initiative in cooperation with Pack for a Purpose. We collect supplies for the kids that...

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cut grill

Getting a good steak in Phuket

The food in Thailand is awesome. No other way to put it. The restaurants can be amazing. But one thing I find myself missing is a good steak. There are...

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Phang Nga Town

Road trip to Phang Nga from Phuket

Lots of people that come to Phuket take guided tours of the popular island or “hongs” nearby the main island. These normally involve a bus ride to the pier, a...

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the hill tribes

Helping the Hill Tribes

In the north of Thailand, there is a collection of minority groups that are called the Hill Tribes. Many of these live a subsistence life with

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singapore air

Deals on flights from Shanghai to Phuket

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